MBMichael Blakey


Originally hailing from London, England, entertainment veteran Michael Blakey’s career spans over 25 years and includes extraordinary successes as a musician, producer, manager, promoter, and record executive. Blakey has founded 4 record labels in partnership with EMI, Warner Bros. and Universal Music. He has worked with some of the most successful artists in the world and has contributed to numerous award-winning records.

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RGRobert Gandara


Robert Gandara has over 20 years of finance and operational experience in the music and live entertainment industries, including senior level positions at EMI Music, Sony BMG and Live Nation.

Tandon Noplos


Tandon has an extensive career reaching rare heights at the executive management level strategically combining operations and financial management. He has managed and developed multiple levels of talent across various industry.

bpBradley Peterson

Senior Project Manger

Brad has contributed to the success of several ventures through a high level of project & sales management expertise. Brad has worked with Michael Blakey over a decade and brings valuable project management skills and an ability to work within this unique and highly talented team.


Heidi Cox

Senior Project Manager

Heidi has a background in production, and has been a freelance production assistant for various promos, commercials, and films for over five years.   Now she applies her extensive knowledge of production to touring artists.

BLB.J. Lobermann

Project Manager

B.J.Lobermann III’s music and management expertise began with his ownership of an independent music store. B.J. then moved on to Sr. VP/Sales at Virgin Records during its halcyon days, then seguing to independent artist marketing and management.

KSKatya Shalayeva

New Faces Division

With her experience of running a talent agency, Katya is our eyes for new talent. From fresh talent scouting to developing the up-and-coming actors’ portfolios and building their marketing potential, she is an essential part of our management team.

FDCFanny De Coster

Project Manager

Previously having worked for the Artist Development and Touring department at RCA Records, Fanny applies her experience to established artists. Due to those elements and her passion for live music she serves this company well, while her skills also benefit our talent, our first priority.

PEParmis Ehsani

Project Manager

Following her collegiate accomplishments, Parmis steps into the role of talent manager as she joins the Electra Star Team, excelling at artist relations, organizational skills and customer service, the key elements of our program.

Becky Smith


Becky is keeping the Electra Star Management office running smoothly providing day to day operations and administrative support.