Sasha-favicon-newSasha Blake has always had a penchant for words and writing. From a very young age, she participated in national spelling bees. At age 10, she competed nationally as a Young Poet and was soon after published in a compilation of young poet’s works. She has always been passionate about children and fostering their mental growth. Her educational background is in Child Development and Psychology (MS) – she was a preschool teacher, has worked with autistic children, then gifted children and later, with abused children. She has volunteered with many children’s charities, including Project Nightlight (a non-profit organization dedicated to educating children about recognizing signs of abuse) and has also spent a great deal of time working with children one-on-one on how to overcome abuse.
After the birth of her daughter (now 5), Sasha married her passion for writing with her desire to stimulate young minds and crafted a series of books about her two puppies, Mr. and Mrs. Dog, for her young daughter to enjoy. They are a cherished part of her daughter’s life, and she hopes for it to be a loving childhood memory in the lives of others.